Martine is a designer with a penchant for identity, typography and design systems. She believes in functional and refined craftmanship, built on intuitive and conceptual thinking.

In 2014 Martine graduated from Westerdals School of Communication with a BA in Graphic Design. She spent the following summer as a design intern at Snøhetta, and later joined Heydays as a full-time freelance designer in their studio.

She has previously worked at Uniform, and now works at ANTI, with a strong focus on brand identities and design systems.

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World Conference on Timber Engineering 2022

  • Team
  • Martine Hage, Designer
  • Mads Øvergaard, Designer
  • Ashley Booth, Consultant

WCTE is the biennial conference, and the most prestigious international event, in timber engineering, attracting researchers, engineers and architects from all contintents, to present and discuss the latest technical and architectural innovations in timber construction.

In 2022 the conference is set to be held in Oslo, and WCTE approached us to design an identity concept for the conference, helping them with all communication and promotion of events, exhibitons and activites arranged for the conference.

For the identity we constructed a three dimensional sculpture, that when seen from different angles, reveals each of the four letters; WCTE. Renderings of the sculpture are exported and used as an illustrative element in the identity, and the structure is the base for all communiaction material, as well as sculpture itself, constructed with pioneering timber engineering techniques, is to be used to build the exhibition stands themselves.

Uniform has partnered up with WCTE in an ongoing collaboration to further develop the identity and their communication assets in the next coming years.