Martine is a designer with a penchant for identity, typography and design systems. She believes in functional and refined craftmanship, built on intuitive and conceptual thinking.

In 2014 Martine graduated from Westerdals School of Communication with a BA in Graphic Design. She spent the following summer as a design intern at Snøhetta, and later joined Heydays as a full-time freelance designer in their studio.

She has previously worked at Uniform, and now works at ANTI, with a strong focus on brand identities and design systems.

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Daily self-portraits

What started as a thing just for fun, to end the day after a bit too many hours of illustration work for a client, ended up as a daily project of mine for the next 500 days or so.

For 18 months I made a daily illustration of myself, replicating my outfit and adding twists and other objects on special days worth mentioning; keys in my hand the day I got my apartment, a baby girl the day my wonderful new cousin arrived and bunad for Constituion day. I've had theme weeks for myself; color-coordinated outfits for seven days straight – black and gray edition, an entire week of wearing glasses to please my optician, swimwear for beach vacation and skiing-gear for a week in the Norwegian mountains. And yet, with almost 500 illustrations, I'm pretty sure I've managed to keep every one of them unique, with no two days the exact same illustration.

Although the illustrations themselves don't have too much purpose other than being fun, the project has become base and content for several explorative activites; memory games both analog and digital, coding challenges and so on.

Memory game; advanced level

Weekly themes

Monthly posters

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