Martine is a designer with a penchant for identity, typography and design systems. She believes in functional and refined craftmanship, built on intuitive and conceptual thinking.

In 2014 Martine graduated from Westerdals School of Communication with a BA in Graphic Design. She spent the following summer as a design intern at Snøhetta, and later joined Heydays as a full-time freelance designer in their studio.

She has previously worked at Uniform, and now works at ANTI, with a strong focus on brand identities and design systems.

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A dynamic font for bridging and encouraging interaction

Celebrating our studio's 20th anniversary, we wanted to give our city a gift. From former research we knew that the residents of Oslo felt the city lacked dialogue: ways of communicating – a little more often, and a little bit closer. As an identity-building tool for bridging and encouraging interaction, we created the font heioslo; a dynamic font reflecting Oslo, and the diversity of people living here.

We asked Oslo’s own inhabitants; young and old, of different sexes, from different backgrounds and societies, to share a direct and straightforward expression of communication – their own handwriting. More than 100 handwritten alphabets were collected, to form the basis of heioslo.

To maintain the sense of hand lettering and the people behind the letters, heioslo is constructed with several versions of each letter. When typing, these versions follow a random pattern, creating varied visual expressions: Words with distinctive character. heioslo has become a tool to communicate with our city's own voice.