Martine is a designer with a penchant for identity, typography and design systems. She believes in functional and refined craftmanship, built on intuitive and conceptual thinking.

In 2014 Martine graduated from Westerdals School of Communication with a BA in Graphic Design. She spent the following summer as a design intern at Snøhetta, and later joined Heydays as a full-time freelance designer in their studio.

She has previously worked at Uniform, and now works at ANTI, with a strong focus on brand identities and design systems.

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Drawing with code

For the last couple of years I've grown a fond interest of generative art. Exploring generative art through Processing is a fun way to understand programming in bigger terms, as well as being an creative playground to express ideas and visuality.

This a gallery for some of my select pieces of generative art, as I learn how code, of fairly simple sets of rules, can be used as a tool for designing interesting artworks.

↳ To see more experiments, follow my endeavours at OpenProcessing.